Now days is more then necessary to have your Store on the internet. The institutional website is like your business card in the digital environment, giving the opportunity for the internet buyers to get to know your store, products and services.

With a institutional website your company has the opportunities to reach new clients, becoming one more contact tool for your Store.

Catalog website

There is a more advanced institutional website, called catalog website, that fits companies that wish to show many products without the payment method (that usually is more expensive to develop since it becomes an e-Commerce).

Catalog websites offers a variety of advantages beyond the exbit of products and services, like the possibility a quoting price button, so a vendor can contact his client.

Why choose Kasterweb

Our team is experienced in creation of institutional sites, delivering everything your website needs to be found on the internet.

=> Dynamic and innovative design
=> Friendly user navigation
=> Friendly user administrative
=> Adaptive website for smartphones and tablets
=> Website working 24/7
=> Contact page, chat and Whatsapp
=> Support and training