How to prepare your staff to work on your e-Commerce?

Even with the consolidation of e-commerce in the world, many businessman still doesn’t have positive results with their virtual stores. This often happens because, when they develop an e-Commerce, the businessman thinks that their virtual store will sell alone.

The e-Commerce is a potential salesman; not only is active selling 24 hours per day, it reduces operational costs. But the Virtual Store requires someone behind it’s operation, since, like any other business, needs to be update (information, stock, etc…), must have packing e shipping logistics when the consumer buys a product and more. It too needs a voice, to answer the doubts when a consumer have questions about the products.

Which are the activities of a e-Commerce team?

Before knowing how to prepare your work staff to manage an e-Commerce, it’s important to know which are the activities that they need to realize. Understand the main steps:

  • Update the products information  (Title, description, price, etc…)
  • Stock and sales control
  • Online support (webstore online chat) to answer the hesitate buyers doubt
  • Analysis and maintenance of the information of relevant products for Google
  • Products shipping by postoffice and/or transportation companies
  • Divulgation of products and promotions on online channels (social medias, E-mail, etc…)
  • Competition Analysis (price, products, etc…)

As we can see, great majority of those activities are already connected with the physical store, yet there are some interesting care that must be attended. If the virtual store isn’t selling, but those activities mentioned above are being made, you will have some idea of what must be holding your sales. It’s the web store that is not functional? The products prices are to expensive compared to the competition? Making those activities is possible to identifying the problem.

How to prepare the team to manage your e-Commerce?

When you contract a consulting professional to take care specifically  of your virtual store, or to select a team from your work staff to work together, the first step is teaching they to how use the system of your e-commerce. The process is similar when you hire a new employee and need to teaching to utilize the enterprise internal system.

If you or your staff does’t remember how to use the e-Commerce system of your enterprise, there is your first answer why your virtual store don’t sell. To solve this problem, you must contact the digital agency or the professional who made your virtual store and schedule a training session for the staff responsible (or for the team) that will take care of your e-Commerce. If possible, it’s interesting that the owner of the enterprise also do this training, in case the work staff that is responsible for taking care of the enterprises e-Commerce, won’t need the schedule another training session (on which is usually charged).

To make your team even more productive, it’s interesting to create a timeline schedule. What is the first step? Register products. Second step? Advertise the product. A sell has being made? Check if the payment was approved so the enterprise can ship the product to the client. A uncoordinated and lost team it’s a certain factor to make your virtual store not to sell.

My team already have too many activities in the physical store and I have a small workplace. Can I use an outsource for this service?

We don’t recommend to use a outside source for two simple reasons: can be expensive and incomplete, since the outsource professional won’t have access to the products shipping and, more important, usually this outside professional doesn’t understand about your product like you and your team knows.

The lack of a knowledge of the product that will be sold can generate many problems, like the impossibility to answer satisfactory and fast the doubt of clients over the online support or when writing the product description that will facilitate for Google to locate the page.


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