Advisory for your e-Commerce

Contracted a developer or an agency to make a Virtual Store believing it would reduce coasts, but in the end it only created expenses?

It’s common to this to occur when the businessman pay for a service without being prepared for it. With our consult services, we analyse your e-Commerce to gather data, locate the actual problem and appoint you to the right direction to solve it and start to profit with your Virtual Store.

From the technical knowledge to staff training

With our consult services, we identify the problems in your Virtual Store and the main points that makes your e-Commerce not to sell.

Our Advisory is 360°, beginning with the technical knowledge of which platform to use till the online support your staff offers to your clients in the internet.

Why choose Kasterweb

Request our professional e-Commerce consult and start to understand why your Virtual Store doesn’t sell.

Don’t waste anymore time and start making you Virtual Store do what should be doing from the start: reaching for new clients e selling more.